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Excerpt from the FIDE Handbook (B06.2 Training of Chess Arbiters)

A World Event Preparation Training is a session dedicated to FIDE Arbiters and International Arbiters selected to officiate in an upcoming World Event.

The goal of the training is to globally raise the level of arbiters in world level events and to ensure homogeneous preparation for large arbiter teams. It also plays a role in the team building process.

The FIDE Lecturer in charge of the training shall be selected by the FIDE Arbiters’ Commission.

World Event Preparation Training shall be prepared together with the Arbiters’ Commission, the Chief Arbiter of the event and the FIDE Lecturer assigned to the training, in consultancy with the organising committee of the event.

4.3.1         Training program

The training plan shall cover important aspects of FIDE events, such as technical skills and practical experiences for success in a World top-level competition:

a)         Teamwork

b)         Interaction with players, captains, officials and spectators

c)         Role of each arbiter in the team

d)         Regulations of the event

e)         Necessary FIDE Laws and Regulations

f)         Practical exercises (setting clocks, writing moves, checking draw claims, etc.)

4.3.2         Training structure

Ideally, the training is split into 3 phases:

a)         Initial session: as early as possible after the arbiters are selected, a session to initiate the training and team building processes, identify personalised working areas. This can consist in online sessions and personal interviews.

b)         Preparational work: under the supervision of the Lecturer, individual or team work to reinforce identified topics.

c)         On-site final session: at the place of the event, minimum four (4) hours, before the start of the event, to practice event procedures and have a final revision of technical subjects.

Depending on constraints, all steps might not be achievable for a given event. However, at least the on-site final session shall be organised for the selected arbiters.

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Laurent Freyd